Face Painting Deal.

4 to 9 year olds

I can face paint full facial or cheek art designs at your special event.

I recently acquired a 'Take a Number' system, and this allows me to eliminate standing in line!! 
This is especially good for large events or events with multiple festivities.  No more worrying about your 'place' in line. 

Currently my 'Event' Face Painting Rate is about 3-5 minutes per face (12-15 faces/hour).
I can do much simpler designs and push this rate to 1-2 minutes per face (app. 30 to 45 faces per hour) ...this is helpful for events with high attendance and limited hours.   Please consider these timings when booking time for your event.   I'm happy to tailor the designs to fit your time needs.

Party Package

I will bring everything needed to Face Paint your Party! 
I make sure that everyone wishing a face painting gets painted and is happy! If there is enough time.
I will detail them as much as time permits. 

Everyone attending the party can get in on the fun!

Flat Rate:  €95 per hour, 1 hour minimum

Please figure 5 to 10 minutes per person. 
Please consider this time frame when planning your parties!

The 'Charity, Fundraiser, Special Event' Options

We more than happy to provide Face Paint for Special Events;
Including, but not limited to
Church Festivals, Community Functions and Fundraisers.

I do limit the number of 'charity' events I do per year...so book early!

Option 1
I request a base fee of €95 to cover my 'consumable' expenses.     
I will work for Tips or paint faces for €1 per face.  Max time 2 hours

Option 2
If the event sponsors would like to totally sponsor the event:
I will work for a flat hourly fee of:   €95/hour

The designs available at these events will be limited
In order to paint as many faces as possible.    

If you need other options please contact me at
(sahhar2000@gmail.com) to discuss your needs.

Thank you!

Please contact us to get a quote for your event.