A Born Magician

Mark loved magic since he was as young as seven years. He was given a magic set box as a gift on his seventh birthday. His family and friends, at school the Salesian Oratory, always loved to see his new tricks that he used to prepare from time to time. He recalled, with a smile, during our interview, his first commissioned magic show at the age of ten. He was asked to perform at a friend’s Confirmation party. He remembered that show took him weeks to prepare. The show was a success. He wasn’t paid but given a nice present. He never looked back.

Mark kept buying new magic books and studied deeply to developed new ways and ideas to do tricks. He got his first qualification in the art of Magic as a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians at the age of twelve, becoming the youngest magician on the Island at the time. Mark was also lucky, since his father was a carpenter and had all the tools he needed to build up boxes and illusion for his shows that marveled his audience at where ever he performed.

He appeared on Malta television at the age of 14 and was also the resident magician during a popular children’s TV program. From this time on Mark managed to get his father as his taxi driver, taking him to privet homes to perform at various children’s parties. Many a times, three to four time a day. In 1984 Mark was the youngest magician ever to perform live during a New Years Eve gala Dinner dance at the Ramla Bay Hotel.

By time and great sacrifices Mark gained experience. Now he has decided to dedicate his magical carrier to excel in children’s parties. Today, without pretence, He considers himself an expert in the field of children entertainment.


"I don’t just do Children’s Magic shows. I do them correctly and professionally "