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Mark The Magician
Mark The Magician

Be sure of the entertainment you are booking, here are some reasons why I am the best choice, and a couple of emails from happy party hosts!
Why choose my performance over others?
Mark The Magician

How often will you have a magician perform live at your child's birthday party? Whether the answer is once or every year, then does it not make sense to have it done right first time, every time?
Often parents will understandably shop around for prices or quotes from performers whose names they have found somewhere and contact each one and go with the cheapest one. This makes sense in some ways, until the day of the party, and the situation in which the performer simply may not be professional, experienced enough, or capable. Of course, by this time it is too late.
In one case, I received this response from a child who had been at a friend’s First communion party and had his own party the day before and had also had a magician. The child, eight years of age told me: "I wish you could have come to my party yesterday, I had a magician too”.
I asked the child, "Did you enjoy the show?”.
The child replied with "Yes, it was OK, but I really loved your show much more!"
I hear of cases like this all the time from people and parents, I also quite often receive letters and thank you notes from grateful parents who are more than satisfied with the shows I provide.
Here is an example of a few of our recently received e-mails or SMS messages:
Mark the Magician - Malta
Mark the Magician Reviews
Mark the Magician Reviews
Mark the Magician Reviews
Mark the Magician Reviews
mark the magician Malta
Mark The Magician Kids entertainer
Mark the Magician

Mark the Magician
Mark the Magician

review Mark The Magician

Dear Mark the Magician

So glad we chose Mark the magician for my son s birthday! The show and the games were a beautiful mixture of surprises, lots of laughter and cool magic! Kids never stopped smiling and that s the best review in my opinion! Thanks Mark! They still talk about you 


Kristjana Casha - Gzira

Hi Mark.

It was nice for us to have you at our son's party. All the kids enjoyed it. So did the adults. You're hilarious. Kids remember you as Mr funny magician. No offense, I hope. Thanks for making our party memorable.
Louiseanne Baldacchino - Zebbuge

Dear Mark,

I would just like to thank you for your amazing show at my son's 6th birthday party. It was lovely to see the kids so engaged for almost one hour. Your professionalism  and passion for the show really made a big difference in making this birthday celebration special. I can definitely recommend your services to everyone. 

Kind regards, 


Balluta Band Club - Christmas party

Hi mark thanks again for the great show. Received positive feedback. Well done . Happy New Year.


The committee

Hi Mark.

I am Susanne. Just to ell you thanks for yesterday at my son's Holy Communion Party. Everyone enjoyed it and had a great lough. I highly recommend you to friends.

Thanks. Sue

Dear Mark,

The party was a success. Children and parents had a lot of fun thanks to your perfect organization. They were talking about it even the following day at school. I will recommend you in future to anyone who wants to have a special party like the one we had.

Thank you and your staff.

Best regards.


Dear Mark,

A small note to thank you for your fantastic and heleriours show - the kids really enjoyed it! Look forward to meeting you in other parties. I surly pass the word around. :)

Kind Regards,


Dear Mark,
Thank you for the wonderful magic show for Ben's birthday last August. I have had wonderful feedback and the children were entranced and continue to talk about it as do the parents.
Thanks again
Romina & Philip

Dear Mr. Mark the Magician

My stuff and I would like to thank you for the wonderful show at School last Wednesday. We have been flooded with questions - 'how did the bird change?' 'How did he do that?' and 'where can I get magic scissors?'
The children were and still are amazed!

Parent are asking Who Was this magician. You might get a few call from this event.

Once again thanks and your sense of humour was great!

Natalie (Head teacher)


The bottom line is:

I don’t just do children's shows; I do them correctly and professionally.

Here's the latest...

Dear Mark the magician,

Thank you so much for Oliver's birthday party on Sunday - you were fantastic. The children are still asking for more. So, we would like to know where the children can catch up with you performing shows in public.

I'm sure you'll be getting calls from some other parents - one of the mum's would like you at her own party. Thank you again for your magic - you really had all the kids under your spell.

Paul, Tracy and Oliver

Hello there!

I take pride in making sure each client has had a great experience during my shows. I would very much appreciate it if you would please take a few seconds today or the next few days to share your experience on this link.

This feedback helps me improve my ability to provide you with the very best of entertainment. To write a short review, click on the link, here underlined, this link will be directing you to the page for posting your review. Look for the heading Review summary and next to it, on the right-hand side, there is the button, Write a review. Click there and you can write your short review there.

Thanks again for your support.

Mark the Magician

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