Mark the Magician - Malta
Mark The Magician
Mark The Magician
Mark the Magician - Malta
Mark The Magican - malta

The Shows

Mark’s Kids Party Shows are perfectly suitable for both boys and girls, and brilliantly tailored to the specific age of the kids. Alternatively, Mark has "Family Shows" which are designed to entertain ages from 5 to 105 years of age. These packages are perfect for functions such as Christenings, family get-together's, Christmas parties, birthday parties, Confirmation and First Holy Communion days or any function that will have children in attendance.
For any further information, or to book the best kids party entertainer, please feel free to contact Mark either via email, or by phone.
What I Require
My requirements are fairly simple, and these are simply guidelines to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible with your show package
Space to perform:
A performance space of approximately 250cm wide by 150cm deep is optimal for the show area itself, the rest of the space needed is dependent upon how many children will be watching the show. The performance space is taken up by a table (provided), performance space. The shows fit well in lounge rooms.
Performance space cleared:

The area, at which the show is to be performed, should be cleared of any furniture, etc, prior to the performer’s arrival, and children must not be present whilst the performer is setting up. This is so that surprises can be kept a secret and the show starts and finishes on time.

Please note:

Please do not give away any whistles prior to the show and if possible do not give out food during the show. Mark cannot guarantee that every child will called up by Him, however he/she will definitely partake in the audience participation parts of the show.